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Judy Jane Doebry

Judy Jane Doebry began her career as a flight attendant on FlyFresh Airlines.

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Author of Flying Into Space: Memoir of a flight attendant who learned to fly

See how far we might go in...
Judy Joy Doebry's New Release

Flying Into Space: Memoir of a flight attendant who learned to fly

Judy Jane Doebry

"Always looking at the stars," was how her mother described her. Now she is soaring to heights she never imagined, as she launches her own spacecraft, designed and built by her husband, the former astronaut, Jack Strawman.

Solar Eclipse

Other Worlds Press

"She takes you out of your seat and into the stars with every sentence."

Braintree Press

"Buckle up for the ride of your life as Doebry takes you to a final frontier, and you may never want to return."

Buddy Ebson, NASA scholar and spacecraft technician

"It made me love the earth our mother even more than ever. I'm happy to have my feet back on the ground."

Elinor Roosevelt, professional rock climber

What others say about Doebry's
Flying Into Space

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